Original Vintage

Whilst we’re talking ‘vintage’ weddings, and because the vintage theme is still a big trend, I thought you might like to take a look at an original ‘vintage’ image of a lovely bride and groom.
The picture below is of my Gran and Grandad on their big day.
Just look at the size of the bouquet…..ok….it is huge, but, large oversized bouquets are now beginning to reappear, take a look at some ideas here (maybe not as large as my Gran’s and with more flower choice but, well worth a look)…..

Years ago, flower choice was quite basic, roses, carnations and lots of Asparagus Fern or depending on the season, flowers from the garden, if you were lucky enough to have one.
A look that many brides’ are still asking for today, a bouquet with a ‘just picked look’ full of cottage garden flowers.

My Gran’s Auntie Edith was a brilliant seamstress , and so, it was to her that my Granny turned too, and begged the question ”Please would you be able to make my wedding dress?”
The result can be seen in all it’s splendour below, complete with handkerchief hemline, a beautiful soft, delicate veil of Nottingham lace…..and, my mum tells me, underneath the dress, white stockings with pink tops!!?
Grandad standing proud, looks very dapper (like Al Capone), complete with hat and gloves, an absolute must back then, no gentleman was seen without them especially on such a celebration.

And now……the Bride, Groom, Bestman and Bridesmaids, don’t you just love the headgear?? Look at the size of the baskets and bouquets the girls are holding in their gloved hands.
Hope you’ve enjoyed taking a peak back, but, can anyone guess the year??