Sowing the seeds

Lovely day today, no rain, we even had some blue sky and a little bit of sunshine, it certainly felt like spring was in the air.

I’ve spent some time outside ‘pottering’ in my greenhouse sowing lots of lovely seeds.

I’m hoping that come June/July I will have a mass of heavenly scented Sweet Peas in ‘Sugared Almond’ shades and bright, vibrant pink through to white Cosmos.

Sweet peas and Cosmos, sown watered and labelled. It’s a little early for the Scabious…so a nice little job for next month. The ‘loo’ rolls are brilliant for the Sweet Peas, they have plenty of growing space for the long roots, and, also make it easier to plant them out. I won’t have to disturb the young seedlings, I can just plant the whole thing in the garden…the loo roll is bio degradable and will just disappear.

So glad I wandered down the garden today, just look at what we have a sure sign that spring is on the way…..snowdrops and crocus, stunning simplicity!

And finally, some of my absolute favourites at this time of year….Hellebores

A soft pink Hellebore, this was a new addition to the border last year and it’s already showing great promise….another new one

…this little beauty, I’m looking forward to seeing it open up and showing it’s’s such a rich red in colour, it’s exciting waiting to see it.

This beautiful white Hellebore has been in the garden for a few years now. Maybe that’s why it’s already opened up, showing the world it’s exquisite, mottled plum coloured centre?