Baby’s Breath

Who would have thought that this unassuming flower would be so popular in bridal work? Baby’s breath; Gypsophila has long been used as just a ‘filler’ flower in arrangements and bouquets, but, over the last few years it has become increasingly popular as the main choice for many brides. I am still being asked about it for this year’s weddings, it is still proving to be a popular choice.

When we think of Gypsophila, we picture pure white flowers, but, it is also available in a natural (not dyed) pink.

It works fabulously massed together to form billowing clouds in the centre of any table, or as a simple stunning bouquet, either on it’s own or with other blooms.

For the groom and groomsmen a  buttonhole finished with ribbon or twine.

Flower girls look so cute with a crown full of the tiny white or pink flowers.

I’m particularly looking forward to a wedding I have in August, where there will be three little flower girls all wearing gypsophila crowns.

Gypsophila can be used to great effect for a vintage wedding but also, looks equally as great in a contemporary style.

Baby’s breath, such a beautiful, versatile little gem…