Big Trend 2011

As ever the rose still plays a huge role in flower choice, the quintessential English flower, extremely popular with the majority of brides. It speaks of ‘love’ and ‘romance’ and it is available in an array of colours.
A big influence at the moment, though, alongside the ‘vintage’ look, is the use of large ‘blousy’ flowers. Over sized blooms can be seen everywhere on wedding dresses….straps and waists, wrist Corsages, hair adornments and even shoes.

For summer weddings we can use the ever popular peonies, hydrangeas and old English garden roses.

But what flower can we use during the summer months and throughout the autumn?
Want to be different?

Take a look at the superb Dahlia!
Yes! Really…they come in different forms and sizes, from large spidery petals to compact ‘pom-poms’  and can be found in an amazing array of colours.

Whether you’re theme is a soft, vintage, pale look or vivid, vibrant and bright there are Dahlias to suit any colour scheme and they look fab when teamed with other cottage garden flowers even roses!

All of the images for this blog were taken from ‘Wedding Flowers’ magazine February/March 2011.