It’s a sad fact…….

……that less than 15% of all cut flowers sold in the UK are ”home grown”.
Looking back, twenty years ago it was more than 50%.
It seems that we have lost sight of the beauty of our seasons.

We seem to have forgotten the gorgeous scent of narcissi, viburnum and muscarri in the spring,…….
and what about the heady scent of English lavender …….
…….old English garden roses

The good news!
How great it was for me to chance upon ”Flowers from the Farm”

 ”Flowers from the farm” is a new organisation which is working hard to promote and encourage new enterprise into the growing of flowers for the uk market…

More exciting.. I have found a couple of growers local to me!!
This is really great news as I have already met with brides who desire ‘seasonal’, UK grown flowers for their forthcoming weddings.
The trend for all things vintage and our love of nostalgia has seen an increase in and a demand for home grown flowers.

For something a little bit different, something truly inspirational……..think ”HOME GROWN”